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Kuhl Dragons

Kuhl Bloom Flower Topper

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$12.99 USD
Kuhl Bloom is a mix five different food grade flowers that are fresh and have excellent colors and aroma.  We have also added the superfood bee pollen to the mix. Bee pollen contains vitamins A, B, C, D, E and K along with Proteins, Enzymes and minerals to help keep your reptile healthy and strong for many years to come!
Simply add Kuhl Bloom to your mixed greens and let your reptile enjoy the enrichment and nutritional benefits it offers! You can leave them dry or mist with a little water to rehydrate and enhance its colors and smells even more.
Now offering a breeders size! The breeders value size is the equivalent to eight personal size bags for the price of seven. Breeders size will come in two unmarked zip lock freezer bags containing around 640g combined of Kuhl Bloom!
Contains 80 grams of flower mix in personal size bag.