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Kuhl Dragons

Arcadia Reptile T5 HO 14% UVB D3+ Dragon Bulb

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$25.49 USD

The T5 high output 14% Dragon bulb is designed to support desert reptile species. 

The Arcadia Reptile 14% UVB Dragon bulb is the most powerful HO-T5 reptile lamp. Made in Germany by experts to provide not only high quantities of UVB radiation but to also provide this energy without any limitation to the color and quantity of visible light.

14% UVB, 30 UVA and 7500 Kelvin is the output on this bulb.

Made in Germany and has a 1 year life

Register your bulb here to get a reminder when its time to replace it. 

More isn't always better! Please use the light guide to determine the right bulb for your species and enclosure size.

You must use a T5 high output fixture with this bulb!