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Zen Habitats

4'x2'x4' Corner Extension Kit

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$329.00 USD
Combine two enclosures to create a huge corner enclosure set-up.
Works great with Zen Habitats 4’x2’x4’ and 2’x2’x4’ enclosures.
Extension kit is 2'x2'x4' in size.
The 2'x2'x4' Corner Extension Kit is designed for those who need a larger enclosure that will fit in the corner of a room. This is a great solution for saving space in your "reptile room" while also providing your reptile or small animal with tons of space. Combine two 4'x2'x4' enclosures or a 4'x2'x4' and a 2'x2'x4'. You cannot combine two 2'x2'x4' enclosures. 
*Not compatible with Meridian Enclosures.*
This item ships flat.